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Lately I've changed my email adress so I'm going through multiple accounts to change the email (username) to my new email, my next stop is changing my Apple ID since it is with an old email adress which I do not use anymore.


What I was wondering is lets say my apple ID now is Flornes@domain.com and I want to change it to Flornes@icloud.com will all of my purchased apps follow the new Email? (Not having to buy them all over again and my login will now be Flornes@icloud.com?)


(This is mainly for my iOS apps, I haven't bought that many Mac app store apps - but I saw no iOS app store thread)


Thanks for any help!


I've got a follow-up question that might be a bit more complicated, but has much to do with this exact thing - but ill write a new question when/if the above question gets answered.

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Reply by Dah•veed on Aug 5, 2012 8:47 AM Helpful

CArefully read the Apple ID FAQ before you change anything. You can usually change a generic email address to an Apple email address, but you will have issues if you are trying to change an address that is already an Apple address.



Reply by Dah•veed on Aug 6, 2012 11:20 AM Helpful

I can't make a recommendation because I have always had Apple email addresses for my Apple IDs and have never tried to change an ID.

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