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I have just downloaded OS X Mountain Lion and now I can't play the national swedish radio channel anymore. The radio requires flash player (which I have) and I get the message "plug-in blocked". What can I do?

OS X Mountain Lion
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    Have you installed the latesst version of Flash Player?  If not, do so:



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    Yes I have. I still get the message "plug-in blocked". I have also "enable plug-ins" checked in preferences.

    Thanks but more tips, please 


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    It works beautifully for me in Chrome. What browser are you using? What about switching if Safari doesn't work?

    Maybe is itsn't a system wide problem, but a browser problem.


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    Had same problem today. Fixed it by going to Preferences, Flash Player: Open Preferences, find icon for flash player at bottom bar, under Other:  In flash player preferences, check all tabs, were set to "block access..."; changed to "ask me...". Went back to tv.adobe.com, selected a video, and sure enough the system asked if I wanted to allow the program to store data in my disk, selected yes and the video startde playing.

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    Go to /Library/Internet Plugins and Disabled InternetPlugins and remove FlashPlayer. re install FlashPlayer from Adobe's website.

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    Maybe some of you just need to install the latest version. But the truth is there is a bug and this is how to fix it:


    System Preferenes > Network > Wi-Fi or Ethernet (whatever you're using) > Advanced > Hardware > Set 'Configure = Manually' > Change 'MTU = Custom' = 1380

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    I KNOW this is a very old post, but I have to say:


    Christianoapr, If I knew where you were I would totally KISS you!!!!


    I have been fighting adobe flash not working on my MAC for a VERY long time. Almost to the point of going back to windows! Adobe flash not working is almost a deal breaker and I tried everything I could find until I found this post this morning.


    Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

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    MTU problems affect a lot more than just flash video playback, but generally there's really only two settings you should be using 1500 or 1492; 1380 is just some random number that's below the limit of PPPoE's 1492 that is likely the root of the problem, feel free to increase that maximum till it breaks, and then back down.

    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Maximum_transmission_unit#Table_of_MTUs_of_common_m edia

    I had all kinds of trouble not being able to get complete web pages or anything at all from some sites, and it turned out it was because I was on Verizon DSL which at the time used PPPoE configured in my router, but a second router on the network was accidentally using 1500 and telling all the client machine that this was the MTU for the network, which did not pass well through the PPPoE router.