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Having upgraded the Macs in the house to Mountain Lion and ARD 3.6 I'm left unable to manage the remote Macs.  Where I used to get OS versiona and ARD version I now get nothing and it appears as though ARD is not running on the remote clients despoite creating and installing a new custom installer pack.


All of the sharing and remote management settings appear fine, but I'm obviously missing something somewhere.

Does anyone have any ideas?


many thanks,


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    As a further update to this I've also now tried all of the known 'kickstart' tricks to get the remote ARD client up and running but to no avail.


    It would appear that something in Mountain Lion is breaking ARD 3.6 or there is something weird in the new configuration.  I've seen a number of other postings around this with similar symptoms.


    All of the ARD remote clients running 3.6 are showing as inactive and sleeping, but I am able to screen share and observe.


    Come on Apple, if you've broken something, own up and get it fixed.

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    After downloading the 3.6 client on each of my Macs, ARD now seems to be working:



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    I have ARD 3.6 on all of my Macs and none of them except the one running the ARD admin is working.  All of them show sleeping or report that the ARD client isn't running.