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I've tried using a powered and non-powered USB hub without success. Plugging the hd directly into the airport didn't work either. The hd functions fine when plugged into a USB port on 3 other computers so it doesn't appear to be a hd issue. I've reset the airport with and without the hd attached but no success in getting the hd to appear in the airport utility. I followed all of the instructions in Apple's Airport support section but no luck.


All my pc's are running on XP Pro (service pack3). The airport extreame is working flawlessly except for this one particular issue which, unfortunately, was one of the main reasons I purchased it. I've looked through numerous discussions already in the community and tried some suggestions such as attempting to map the drive using the airport's IP address but still no luck.


Does anyone have any suggestions or can tell me what I'm missing in the set-up process?

Airport Extreme, Windows XP Pro