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How do you use i-messages on Mountain Lion, Several analysis of the new operating system seem to say you can do that but  I tried to send a message to my Ipod, Iphone and I-Pad from the new operating system " Mountain Lion"  But I guess I got things set up wrong it did not work.  I got no messages from the I-Mac.



Since I am a new I-Mac used ( Have a ipod, ipad & Iphone) would like to be able to send Imessages from my I-Mac and can't figure out how to do that. I keeps wanting to send AIM messages and when I go to change it to I Cloud mesages I don't see I-Cloud on the list???

iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Open iMessage on the iMac. It will be either in the Dock or your Applications Folder. Got to Messages Menubar/Preferences/Accounts. Do you see your iCloud Account listed in the Sidebar.


    If so check "Enable this Account" and set you Caller ID to to your Apple/iCloud ID

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    Joe thanks for the reply but I am still confused here is the problem:


    I opened The accounts window and went to my ME.com account but it wants me to set up an AIM account , what is that all about . I was sure I was sending the messages thru the apple server .


    Second I am a PC person and this is my wifes I-Mac,  so I am new to MACS but I have used PC's for 35 years. 

    She wants to be able to send me I-Messages for her MAC that is why I am trying to set this up for her.   She is NOT a Techie and so she depends on me.  I am very confused by the MAC as I have buily trouble shoot and fixed PS (not as a profession but as a hobby) I am trying to get used to the MAC so I can help my wife. As I have an IPOD and an 4S I-Phone. Now you know the whole story.  Sorry to bore you with the details but I was sure it would help you give me a better Idea of where to go to correct the AIM situation.


    OK when I go to the ME.com account there is no where where I see Caller ID???


    What I see is My wifes e-mail a Bonjour ( imactive) account, &  Yahoo account.  I may be in the wrong place


    Toi be frank I don't see an Imessages account.  Under mail accounts I see My wifes 5 e-mail accounts and one of them is a .ME account ( I assume that is the icloud account) but where it says account type it says AIM how do I change it to an I Cloun account?


    OK the next question when you say click on the DOCK I go to system preferences and click on DOC and I get some screen that shows SIZE, Magnification Position on screen and so on.


    When I go to the Finder and click on Applications I get a window that says messages but there is nothing on that window that I can adjust?


    Help Where is i messages

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    It sounds like you may be in Mail and not Messages. Do you know if your .me account has been converted from a MobileMe account to an iCloud account.

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    I think I figured out how to use the account  sent a test message to my wife and it showed up on her I-Mac.


    Thanks for the help I guess I have lots to learn about this machine.

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    Great. Don't be suprised if you run into little glitches here and there. I'm able to get messages out to my devices, but it's not working as I would like it to. Messages is not perfected yet in my mind especially if your sending messages to devices all on the same Apple ID.