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I upgraded my iMac (the first iMac that came after the release of Leopard) to Lion. It was already on Snow Leopard before the upgrade. After the upgrade however, Airdrop does NOT show up as an option on the Finder window. Does this have anythig to do with the hardware being too "old" ? How can I get it to work? Thanks.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    Actually Airdrop is supported on Older macs, but is not visible; if you want it to be visible follow my steps:


    1. Open Terminal


    2. Insert the following command:

    defaults write com.apple.NetworkBrowser BrowseAllInterfaces 1


    3. Once complete insert the next following code: killall Finder


    4. This should have fixed the issue, to test this goto Desktop>Menubar>Finder>Go>Airdrop


    I hope this helped

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    Actually Airdrop is supported on Older macs


    Are you claiming it is supported by Apple? Not according to the list of officially supported hardware in the link posted above. Using a terminal hack isn't really considered official support and should only be used with extreme caution; instructions should also include a method to revert to the previous state in case it does not work.

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    It sure did help !!


    However, I can see my newer MacBook Pro on the old iMac (on AirDrop), but not the other way around ! The MAcBook Pro came with Snow Leopard , and is now running Lion, so I am not sure what I should do for it see the iMac as well. Thanks.