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Finder windows show new files only after long delay or lag on my new Mountain  Lion install.  The delay can be several minutes. 


For instance, when I create and save a new file using Word, it will not appear instantly in the Finder for that directory as it did in Lion.  Saving the file again and closing Word does not help.


However, spotlight finds the file immediately, and the file will show up in a spotlight-launched finder window.


Same thing happens inside dropbox folders since Mountain Lion.   Dropbox downloads a file and it can be seen in dropbox recent files list.  But it wont appear in the Finder window.  Again, spotlight finds the file immediately and it appears on a spotlight-launched "show all in Finder"-window --- but will not appeaer in a stand alone Finder window, even after closing and re-opening the folder in Finder.


The phenomenon started immediately after installing Mountai Lion (from Lion) on my 1 month old June 2012 MacBook Air 13" 8GB/512GB.


I have not found similar cases reported on Mountain Lion, but finder lags and delays are reported here in the forums on versions such as 10.4 (2006/2007 years) ... but no solutions or cnclusions reported even then.

MacBook Air (13-inch, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion