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iphone stuck in recovery mode

iPhone 3G
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    Try restoring it or tinyumbrella which is for saving ios' s for dow grading has a stop rcovery or exit recovery feature just go to google and type in tinyumbrella you shold find it.

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    it will be same thing nothing changed

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    tinyumbella is a very bad idea. You have data corruption on your phone, and tinyumbrella will just make it worse by corrupting network data on your computer. Assuming your phone is not hacked or jailbroken and you have not tried tinyumbrella see this: http://support.apple.com/kb/HT1808

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    This happend to me with last update.  After many calls, ended up at Apple.  They said there was nothing to do but get new phone.  They gave me new phone, but lost all my info.  Sorry to hear they did not fix this.

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    I'm sorry you lost all of your data, but if you had followed the instructions in the manual that explains how to back up the phone to your computer or iCloud and you had done this on a dail basis you would not have lost anything.

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    I have iphone 4 and I had this problem and tried  everything, put the phone into Dfu mode, flashed it, plugged it into  itunes to restore it, nothing worked, i couldnt get it out of recovery  mode. I tried Redsn0w and tiny umberella, even those failed. My phone  wouldnt turn on its was completely dead and sometimes itunes wouldnt  recognise my phone plugged in. Any way to cut a long story short, after  the frustration I tool the phone to Apple store and they ran a  diagnostices and said they wouldnt fix it as the warranty had run out,  they were going to charge me £126 to replace it. I refused and was  gutted and dissapointed with Apple. I then decided to get another  opinion and took it into a high street phone repair shop, they did the  same as apple ran a diagnostics and found all that was wrong with it was  the battery needed replaced. Simple as that, I paid £30 for a new  battery and it now works perfect as if nothing happened in the first  place. Everything was sitll in place, apps, pictures music etc.


    try a new battery and let me know if i worked, good luck

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    Their diagnostics must have shown that you had jailbroken it. Because if it was just the battery they would have replaced that for £49.

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    If it had been jail broken i wouldnt have been updating it, the phone was still on contract, and as it happened the phone did this 3 days before the contract ran out. So your theory for the phone being jail broken is wrong. Iphone didnt offer to replace the battery, they just said they couldnt fix it as it could have been a hardware problem, but wouldnt fix it because the warranty had ran out. the phone has never been jail broken.

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    sorry meant to say Apple didnt offer to replace the battery or say that was a possibilty

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    Try holding down power button and home button to exit the recovery mode, it works for DFU mode and Pwned DFU mode

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    If you started your device in recovery mode by mistake, restart it to exit recovery mode. Or you can just wait—after 15 minutes the device will exit recovery mode by itself.


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    iPhone stuck in recovery mode