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When trying to export an original JPEG image with IPTC metadata, the orientation of portrait images is not retained.  They are all exported as landscape images.  When turning IPTC metadata off, the original image is correctly exported.  RAW images are not affected by the problem. I also tried writing the IPTC metadata to the original file and then exporting the original without it, which still resulted in a landscape image, not portrait.


I have tried this on two different machines with different Aperture libraries and had the same problem.  Aperture version 3.3.2 and OS X 10.8.  I submitted a bug report with Apple, but wasn't sure if anyone else has this problem or a fix?

Aperture 3, OS X Mountain Lion
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    How do you check, if your images are exported a s landscape images? In Preview, or in another application? I tried to reproduce your problem, but all my portrait image versions exported correctly, when I export them with IPTC included and the preset "jpeg original size". The images load correctly in Preview, Adobe Photoshop, and Graphic Converter.


    Maybe your camera handles the orientation tag differently. What is your camera make and model?

    I tested this with LumixFZ28, Canon HG10, iPad camera, Canon EOS REBEL T2i.





    Aperture 3.3.2, Mt. Lion

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    I checked in Preview and also in Lightroom.  I am not using the JPEG Original Size preset since I'm exporting the original and not the version.  If I export the version, it does work correctly, but I need the original images with the IPTC data.


    Cameras include, Canon T2i, Canon S95, Canon 60D and others.


    I think it may only be an issue with the newest updates to Aperture.  I am in the process of moving parts of my library over to Lightroom.  I did a large chunk back in April the same way I am doing it now and didn't have any problems.


    Thanks for the reply.

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    since I'm exporting the original and not the version.

    Sorry, I misunderstood.


    For exporting original jpegs I see exactly the same. For my Lumix FZ28 the original masters are exported as landscape image, if exported with IPTC metadata, the original image files imported from a scanner (also jpeg) export correctly, from the iPad the export is wrong again.


    But in some cases where the exported original has the wrong orientation, the problem is, that the original master inside Aperture has the wrong orientation, when I check the original file on the disk.


    This is clearly a bug - file a bug report:





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    Thanks for checking that.  It's nice to know it isn't a problem just specific to me.  The images I tried from a scanner did export originals correctly, along with any JPEG images that were already edited/saved from another program such as Lightroom or Photoshop.  I filed a bug report... Hopefully it will be fixed with the next update!