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Using SuperDuper, a clone of my new perfected internal platter drive was made to an external USB platter drive.   When I replace the 750 GB internal platter drive with an internal  SSD then clone the external back to the SSD, there will not be a recovery partition.


Have also made a 10.74 bootable recover USB thumb drive and it works fine.



1.  Will the bootable 10.74 recovery thumb drive do everything the internal recovery partition would  have done ?

2.  Other than convenience of not needing the bootable USB thumb drive, what is the advantage of having the recovery partition internally ?

3.  If the internal recovery partition is very useful compared to the USB, how does one transfer the external SuperDuper clone back to the new internal SSD and still have a recovery partition on the SSD ?


Interestingly, made a dmg master of the USB bootable thumb drive saved to the internal drive, then burned it to a DVD, and the DVD is not recognized as existing by the MBP. 


4.  Is there a way to make a bootable DVD which acts like the recovery partition and the recovery thumb drive ?

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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