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Has anyone else had an issue where the voice and video chat plugin that Gmail uses does not function in Safari? The browser does not seem to recognize that I have installed it. It works fine in Chrome, and I've noticed if I open Gmail on Safari and Chrome at the same time, and then reload the page in Safari, it starts working in Safari too. Then I can close Chrome and it'll continue to work in Safari until I quit the browser.


Google's support page states the following to eradicate the problem:

We're aware of an issue where if you're using Safari or Firefox on Mac OS X with 64 bit flash 11.0 or higher, video chats aren't working. As a workaround, enable the "Video chat enhancements" lab.

This doesn't help, and altough I don't use Firefox frequently, it seems to work the first time I load the page as well.


I've listed the OS as 10.8 because that's what I currently have, but the same problem has been persistent in Lion and Snow Leopard as well. Safari 6 is installed, but again, it's always happened with previous versions of Safari.


Mid 2010 iMac

Safari, OS X Mountain Lion