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Since moving to Mountain Lion i am no longer able to sync notes that are 'on my mac' to my iphone/ipad.  This used to be controlled by iTunes (you simply check the box or don't).  This has worked as it should from from the beginning of itunes syncing.  Unfortunately now with Mountain Lion the Notes sync option has disappeared from iTunes.  Searching online it appears this is not longer possible with iTunes.  So my question is can notes now ONLY be synced with iCloud?  So any 'on my mac' notes will no longer transfer across devices with itunes or otherwise?  I have tried to turn of notes syncing in icloud and unfortunately whether i have iCloud notes syncing on or off the notes the 'on my mac' notes no longer sync (obviously when the icloud notes sync is on the notes from the icloud group/account do sync as they should.

So my question is simply around syncing notes from the 'on my mac' group across devices (this is because there are some notes i do not want to put on icloud but the question is also valid for any users that do not use icloud, as it seems if you do not use icloud you can not longer transfer/sync notes across devices).

Thanks for your help

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