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ok, so thousands and thousands of users are being inconcenienced by nano's auto shut-down feature, which kicks in after 60 seconds if headphones are not detected as being fully plugged in.  my question is, what can you do to get the jack to go in far enough?  i've tried cleaning out the socket, i've tried blowing it out with compressed air, and still no jack (including the original earbuds supplied by apple) will go in far enough to stop the auto shut-off.


this dumb feature has rendered my nano useless.  does anybody have a solution for how to get a jack to go in all the way?

iPod nano, Mac OS X (10.6.8)
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    Bring the iPod into your local Apple Store/Genius Bar to have them take a look at it.  If it's still under Apple's 1 year warranty against manufacturing defects, they should swap it out for you at no cost if they deem the problem as a manufacturing defect.


    If no Apple Store nearby, send it into them instead.