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What is the best procedure to follow to rebuild step daughters Late 2007 (825-7048-B) macbook hdrive. I've installed new hdrive (320GB from windoze laptop) and 4gb ram in her laptop. Ideally I think I'd prefer to install Lion instead of the Leopard she had previously. She has her personal files backed up ... which is awesome. Will Lion run as well or better than either Leopard? Will she lose any functionality? Will we be able to do this for only $29? I have a strong windoze (don't beat me too hard, lol), some AIX background but no OS 10/X. -Thanks


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    Thank you for relocating this for me. :-)

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    If she is running Leopard, then before you can even think about putting Lion on her computer, you need to get your hands on a physical copy of Snow Leopard and install that. Lion is only available through the Mac App Store, which is a program first introduced in Snow Leopard.

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    10.6 Snow Leopard came out in July of 2009 and was made obsolete in July of 2011 when 10.7 Lion was introduced. Unlike earlier Operating Systems which were removed from the Apple Store when a new OS came out Apple kept Snow Leopard around for a year until 10.8 Mountain Lion came out.

    It might still be available from Apple. You will have to call Apple Customer Care 1-800-692-7753
    or 1-800-676-2775 to purchase it. It may still be in the Legacy Products list.


    If they no longer have any in stock you will have to buy it from eBay or Apple resellers that still have stock. But you will have to pay a premium since the DVDs are no longer being made. Snow Leopard DVDs are already up to $100 on Amazon.
    http://www.ebay.com/sch/i.html?_nkw=10.6+snow+leopard&_sacat=0&_odkw=mac+os+10.6 &_osacat=0