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uwefromcamps bay Level 1 Level 1

where is the file I downloaded? I cannot always download 4 Gigs again. Too costly here in South Africa

Final Cut Studio '09, Mac OS X (10.6.7)
  • softwater Level 5 Level 5

    If you haven't run the installer yet, it is sitting in your /Applications folder. If you have run it, I'm afraid its already gone. When you run the installer, it self deletes.


    To avoid this, you have to make a copy of the installer.app BEFORE you install (in other words, after the download completes and the installer app automatically starts, quit it, then go to /Applications and copy 'Install Mountain Lion.app').

  • Bimmer 7 Series Level 6 Level 6

    if you're talking about Mountain Lion - it's in your applications folder....


    if however, you've already installed Mountain Lion - The installer self deletes after it's installed in your Mac..


    if you're talking about other downloads - it's located in your download folder...