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I would like to connect a hard drive onto the USB port of a Time Capsule. This is for saving files (different frome the Time Machine savings). I am struggling to get it working it seems that I can see the HD when under "drives or discs" (running Snow Leopard in French) from the AirPort Utility but I can't access to it.


The TC is in bridge mode.


Thanks for help and guidances.





Mac Book Pro 17" + iMac 24", Mac OS X (10.5.8)
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    Any chance somebody can help or do I need to re-phrase my question in case not clear?


    Thanks in advance.




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    The question is clear enough.. I just don't understand why you are having issues.


    Can you see in the internal disk of the TC in the finder?


    What format are you using on this disk? Try and format it HFS+ if it isn't already.


    If you plug it directly into the Mac it works ok??


    The other issue is the need for a powered hub on the TC due to the low power it gives the internal port.. or lack of bios compatibility with a range of usb hub chips. Try a powered hub as that can also help.

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    Actually you solved the problem by asking me to go and look on the TC via the finder because the HD can be seen and accessed via the TC on the finder!.


    So all good!


    Many thanks