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Hi, all,


I have a few folders in Outlook that I constantly go in and out.  e.g. Inbox, Sent Items, Processed.  I would like to navigate to them quickly with keyboard shortcuts.


1. are ther keyboard shortcuts already available?  I searched the net and have not found any.

2. can someone help to write a simple AppleScript for this?  I searched the Outlook dictionary but could not a good command to use.


I have also tried using AppleScript editor and Automator to record the action/event of clicking on a folder, but neither returned useful result...



OS X Mountain Lion
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    You can target Inbox & Sent Items via their id, the term 'selected folder' & the term "mail folder"


    tell application "Microsoft Outlook"

              set selected folder to mail folder id 150

              set expanded of navigation node 3 of window 1 to false

    end tell


    The above selects "Sent Items" and closes it (the little triangle) if it is expanded. NOTE: on your machine the id of "Sent Items" might not be 150.


    tell application "Microsoft Outlook"

              every mail folder

    end tell


    The above will list all 'mail folders' you can get the properties of each to determine which id corresponds to which folder. 'navigation nodes' are contained by 'window 1' and they have their own properties. All very tricky but this should get you started, works for me!