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Using MBP OS 10.7.4 and have previously exported "Project as Library" images created in Aperture 3.2.4 to a LaCie 1 TB external drive.


Subsequently upgraded Aperture to 3.3.2 and performed the full "upgrade library" process and saw its full progress to completion on the screen. Then I needed to re-import back into 3.3.2 the project listed above and got this messageAfrica Library needs updating ??.png


Initially I tried bring the external drive's library back by File>Import>Library but got the same message as above but only with a different first-line heading.


Then I tried to simply open the previously exported library by clicking on it in the window of the external hard drive icon and got the above pasted-in message.


Does this snafu mean I can never again access all of my many libraries storied on external drives ? I'm not able to figure out how to make the older libraries compatible with 3.3.2 via the unable-to-activate upgrade process apparently necesary to do so.


Anyone's help is most appreciated. Thank you



MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4), Apertue 3.3.2 vs. 3.2.4
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    Hi Bob,

    How is your external drive formatted? Aperture may not be able to access the library, if the external drive still has the default MS-DOS (FAT) formatting. If that should be the case move your library to your system drive and try to open and upgrade it on the internal drive - see

    Aperture: Use locally mounted Mac OS X Extended volumes for your Aperture library


    Also try to use the Aperture Library First Aid Tools to rebuild your library before you try to upgrade it again. If the library has problems, that need repairing, the upgrading may get stuck.




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    Recht herzlichen Dank für die Vorschläge, aber........


    1. The LaCie drive was bought at my local Apple store, already formatted for Mac. Also I've used it for over a year with both my current MBP with 10.7.4 as well as, and at the same time, with a previous          MBP still on 10.6.8. The drive has worked with both MBP on other activities.


    2. Concerning the link to the First Aid Tools you supplied below, last week I repaired both the permissions and the database on the MBP into which I'm now trying to re-import the older Project as Library,                     which had been previously exported to the LaCie. That export to the LaCie was done from the newer 10.7.4 MBP into which I'm now trying to re-import it but before I moved to Safari 6.0 ( which                     shouldn't make a difference I don't think ) and before I went to Aperture 3.3.2 from 3.2.4. Would that mean I need to re-repair Aperture again ?


    To make sure the LaCie drive itself wasn't corrupted somehow, I just began a re-import of the Project on the LaCie drive to the older MBP (10.6.8) and it began to process smoothly. I did stop that import because that's not the unit I want to use to work on the Project; I just tried it to see if 3.2.4 could pull the Project from the LaCie drive into the older laptop.   It could.   But that didn't help me with getting it into the newer MBP 10.7.4.


    What the Error message said, which I had pasted into my original positing, was that the Project/Library on the external drive needed to be upgraded before I could re-imported into the desired MBP. Any ideas on how to upgrade it on the external drive itself ? If I can't get it off the external drive into Aperture it seems impossible to upgrade it. Dadurch sitze ich jetzt in der Klemme !


    Thank you for your help. I appreciate it.



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    I mentioned the formatting of the drive, because previous versions of Aperture simply did not check the formatting, so you could be lucky and it worked with the library on a drive with wrong format for a time, but the latest Aperture and iPhoto versions check the format.


    The upgrade to Aperture 3.3 is a major upgrade and it makes considerable changes to the library when upgrading. The Aperture Release notes recommend to rebuild the library before a major upgrade, not simply to repair it. So try, if double clicking the library on the Lacie drive, while holding down ⌥⌘ and seleting "Rebuild Database" will enable you to upgrade your library on the external drive in place.