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Hello everyone I am going to give my MacBook Air to my mother in a couple of weeks


I would like it to be so that it works as if it has just came out of the box eg there is no Apple ID, mail account, system preferences, documents etc. tied to it so she can use her own as if there had never been a previous user


Also if I do this will she have the Mountain Lion operating system (this was purchased with my Apple ID) or will she have Lion which the computer came with


thank you for any help you can give

  • SP Forsythe Level 5 (5,370 points)

    You would boot to your Recovery Partition, and then use Disk Utility to erase the drive. Following this, you would use the Reinstall OS X utioity on the Recovery Partition to reinstall the operating system. At the end of the installation, it will re-boot. Just turn off the computer at that time.


    If you upgraded to Mountain Lion, then the Recovery Partition is a Mountain Lion Recovery Partiton. As such, I believe it will install Mountain Lion. A bit of a legal quandary if it does, because the user won't be using the Apple ID for which the license is valid. This might lead me to the possibility that it will install Lion, even though the Recovery Partition is labeled Mountain Lion. Someone else who has already done this would have to definitively answer.


    BTW, you boot to the Recovery Partition by holding down the OPTION key while booting, this causes Boot Manager to run. You will then select the Recovery Partiton from a list of valid boot drives.

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    Thank you I will print this off and will do it tonight


    I will post back if it ends up with lion or mountain lion


    not a big deal if it's only lion as "kitten" would be an upgrade to my mothers computer

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    One other thing.....


    Make sure you have an decent-excellent internet connection when you go to reinstall OS X. The Recovery partition only contains a small portion of the needed data to perform an install. The rest is downloaded via a non-secure or WPA encrypted connection (WEP won't work).

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    Ok I've done it if anyone was interested I got Mountain Lion on it but I had to use my Apple ID to install this OS. No option to do otherwise, I could still use my Mother's one to set the Mac up though, my one was purely to verify the computer was eligible