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That giving me 2 of every font causing apps to crash


I think I got ride of the office fonts out of the font but not I see coorrupted and missing fonts I have only 64 fonts at one time and now I am at 158,  I would like to replace all the fonts with the defult ones from Apple that should be there



Office for Mac forums(and the team) had no clue and have not answerd my forum post nearly a year later




How can I restore the fonts that should be there?

MacBook Pro Intel, Mac OS X (10.7)
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    A common enough occurrence with Office. But no, you do not need to reinstall all. Just need to visit FontBook's Edit menu, do a Look for Enabled Duplicates... and for each family that pops up as duplicated, do a Control-Click on its name and do a Resolve Duplicates


    Purging all MS fonts will only get you further grief when you try to use any of Office's apps and/or receive documents from other Office users.


    FWIW, my font collection that dates back from 1993 when I got my first PowerBook, carries 344 fonts including all from about 5 Office iterations. All work, none are corrupted and there are no duplicates.

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    I do need to reinstall all of them


    I did a look for duplicates and it was a 99% of them had duplicates, the entire office for Mac fonts were placed into the font book


    I don't have office for Mac on here any more (had a school agreement licence), and the dupliacte fonts were causing my apps to crash


    A office for mac update placed the fonts in there, I am still geting font errors in the console messages

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    Ok, if you insist...


    On the left "Collections" column you should see a Microsoft collection. Control-click on it and knock yourself out. You may also want to do a Restore Standard Fonts..., in the File menu, afterwards just in case you got too eager and blasted any of the all-important system fonts.

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    Office didn't actually add anything to Font Book itself. It added a bunch of fonts to the /Library/Fonts/ folder. Font Book saw them and added the fonts to its list.


    First, close Font Book.


    Office created a folder named FontsDisabled in the /Library/ folder. You can delete that folder entirely. It also adds a bunch of older legacy TrueType fonts which conflict with the newer OpenType fonts. In the /Library/Microsoft/ folder, delete the following fonts. Note that they do not have a file extension.


    Andale Mono

    Arial Black

    Arial Narrow

    Arial Rounded Bold

    Comic Sans MS




    Trebuchet MS


    Launch Font Book. The conflicts should be resolved.

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    This happened on 10.7.3 so there was no list, that I could see


    I have 158 fonts listed not sure if that is the correct amnount for OS X Lion

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    Helps very little as I can't tell if I have all my fonts back and they are not corrupted by Microsft Office update



    Is there any way I can replace what I have with what I should have, I am still getting font related erros in the console

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    I had 2 of every font, after the Microsoft Office update, so in the font book nothing told me which was Apple font and which was from Microsoft

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    In Font Book, select all fonts, validate them, and resolve duplicates. Font Book's smart enough to disable the right ones.

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    They all were vaild, and I don;t know which ones I have in the fontbook Apple OS X ones or Microsoft Offices ones


    I have 158 fonts right now w/ OS X 10.7.4, can anyone else check and see what it should be, and how Do I reinstall the OS X ones?





    Here is one of the font errors

    Opera: ATS: Invalid FontObjectID (234) - only low 16 bits are being passed in.



    When I had all the dupliactes Opera and others were crashing