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in the past week or so, my iMac has 'crashed' 4 times - the display freezes and shows what looks like corrugated cardboard and, if a song has been playing in iTunes or another music player, it gets stuck as if it is jumping.  I have fixed this by holding down the power button until it turns off and then turning on again but I am concerned in case this is something more serious - any advice gratefully received!



iMac, OS X Mountain Lion
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    A few questions .... what iMac do you have (click apple on menu bar/about this mac)? Around when did you buy it? How much memory? How much free disk space? Was it working well prior to installing Mountain Lion? 

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    I have a 24 inch iMac, Early 2008 (according to the about this mac) - I bought it about a year ago from a work colleague (she is the network manager and very particular about looking after things!).  I have 4GB memory and 210.4GB free on Macintosh HD (out of 319.21GB).  There were no issues prior to installing Mountain Lion but I was concerned that it was as a result of moving - I have recently relocated back to the UK from the Middle East and the iMac was in my shipping.  It was well packed and crated for protection (I checked it and made them double pack it for safety).

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    Thanks for the details on your system. I would recommend that you run the Apple hardware test, which requires the original OS X disks that came with your system. See this Apple note. When prompted, choose the extended test, which will take awhile. Please post back if any errors are found.

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    I am not sure if this can happen in newer iMacs or not, but since you mention you had your iMac in shipping, another easy thing you can check is to see if any of the iMac's RAM sticks have become dislodge from their slots.

    This can cause issues, sometimes.

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    Hi again


    Sorry for the delay - have been up to my eyes in visitors and wedding planning.  It crashed again today so I finally did the hardware extended test and it reported no errors.  If I wanted to check if the RAM sticks had become dislodged, how would I do this?  Sorry to sound like a girl who knows nothing - I am fine with doing things with software but the hardware bit frightens me in case I break something!

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    For instructions on how to check/replace the RAM go to the Apple Menu>About This Mac, click on Memory at the top and then click on Memory Upgrade instructions.

    If you do check it make sure the Mac is turned off and unplugged .