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I'm looking for an App that was proposed by the Clickfree external drive that sits connected to my PC which backs up daily everything on the computer. I read that they now have apps for both Android phone (now setup & running on my cell) but upon search in App Store, it didn't find anything. I'm interested in knowing how II successfully locate that app since my history with Clickfree is so very positive, I want to have them doing backup of iPad2 in addition to what is currently setup.

I was attempting to send similar message to iTunes but part of asking was need to know OS version on this iPad2, I don't recall. Without hooking up to PC, how do I discern the OS of this iPad2 which was a gift, new in Dec 2012.  Currently, my PC has OS of XP 64 bit which has never been supported by iTunes. Once I do the upgrade to Windows 7, this issue will vanish. That upgrade is scheduled for later this month but I'm trying to solve issues today while I'm thinking about it. Hopefully nothing I've brought up today is a challenge to this community.

I recognize that I asked questions that probably need to go to separate areas but this is my initial contact &I wanted everything to be in one message for 1st message. Thanks, S

iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iOS 5.0.1, Android phone is in list