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My ipad does not appear in Itunes to restore or back up data. Thestatus of my device are:


- updated the latest Itunes version 10.6 .

- tried to restart Apple Mobile Device in Window but it still doesn't work.

- Could not restore in DFU becasue the window doesn't recognize ipad. It appeared cable & itunes disk images but it itunes does not recognize.

- When i pluged the ipad in my laptop, window could not reconize ipad neither.


Please help to solve it!

iPad (3rd gen) Wi-Fi + Cellular, iOS 5.1.1
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    Did you try this? http://support.apple.com/kb/TS1538


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    Yes. I did. I followed every instruction to restore, restart and Reset but it still does not work.

    I also removed itunes, apple mobile device, bonjours then reinstall iTunes but nothing change :(.

    I have 2 iPhone 4 and another iPad 3, those are still work well on iTunes &amp; window 7 except this iPad 3.

    That's why I think the problem does not not come from window or my laptop , it should be from iPad device. It not appear apple mobile device installing when I connect iPad .

    Pls..pls...pls help.

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    Try this when the iPad is connected with your computer and iTunes open; Keep the Powerbutton and the Homebutton pressed at the same time until you see the Apple logo on your iPad screen.

    Then wait for about 10 minutes, sometime the iPad turns up, otherwise try again on other USB port and be sure cable is good connected.


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    The cable is good connected, it is appeared like iPad is charging but camera is also not recognized when plug in. I did try as your suggestion but when the logo appears, iPad is restarted then...still not regconized by iTunes...so headache... Do you have any solution? Thanks.

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    Did you wait for 10 minutes and try it again?


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    May I know I should start to do it with an iPad is turned off or it is on? I will try it again.Thanks

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    Ah, i leave it on and do as your suggestion. It appeared a cable &amp; iTunes logo on iPad .... Frozen there ... That I had same problem before.

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    Can anyone help me? I tried all ways that show in this community but my iPad still could not appear on iTunes. I really really need to restore the device.

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    Have you tried using recovery mode in order to restore the device? This may work even if the device is no longer recognized in iTunes.


    Read about it here.


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    Yes, I did it and see the "Connect to iTunes" screen but iPad does not appear in iTunes, then i check all the related articles but it does not work :(((...help me...

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    Let me summary what i have done in the last few days to try to fix the issue taht the new ipad does not appear on itunes 10.6 so that you guys can have an overview to help me :


    - removed previous itunes together with Apple Mobile Device and Bonjours

    - Reinstall latest version Itunes

    - restart computer (for sure the problem not from laptop becasue my other new ipad and iphone4 stil work well with itunes)

    - tried using recovery mode when the iPad is connected with computer and iTunes open; Keep the Powerbutton and the Homebutton pressed at the same time until see the Apple logo on  iPad screen.Then wait for about 10 minutes (i repeat this step many times). Ipad is turned on but  still not connect to itunes or no notice board appeared on itunes to start restore

    - I changed the usb cable/port...nothing change

    status of device is:

    - battery is fully charged

    - My laptop (window 7)

    - All what i can get is the ipad is charged when i plug in laptop.

    - no apple device is recognized on "my computer" window

    - no images tab is pop up as usual to copy photo


    Apple experts ...help me...pls...

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    Have you tried connecting to another computer?

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    yes, i tried with other 2 computesr which work well with other ipad & iphone 4 but still does not work with this one...

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    Nobody help me