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Hello everybody! I have a question about syncing notes. I have new ipad, macbook pro and an android device and i really want to sync notes between them. Icloud sync and gmail sync work perfect on my 2 apple devices but it doesn't get on my htc, (i use gnote on htc, a application that synce with gmail). When i go to gmail.com to check my account, i saw all notes are there but it just doesn't get on my htc. So is there any resolution for this? Thank you !

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Anybody can help me please

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    Follow the links in the right panel under "More Like This.."  Seems one common advice is to use Evernote to sync notes, and not the Apple note app.  I use Evernote as well along with some other note apps.  I'd never use the Apple Notes app due to its limitations.

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    If the problem is with your HTC device and you are syncing Notes via Google, why would you ask for help on this unrelated Apple forum?

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    Thank you, i know that evernote is great and i have been using it for a long time. When i update my macbook to mountain lion, i see apple notes and i love this app. It syns my ipad's notebook and macbook's notebook perfectly. I really want to use apple notes that can sync with my htc. I think it is apple's problem because when i make note on my macbook, it only appears on ipad and when i make note on htc, it appears on many devices except my apple devices. Thanks for response!

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    Because note says it can syncs with gmail, didn't you read ? Thanks for your attention!

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    So? Gmail is not an Apple product, and neither is the HTC device it doesn't work on. You said iCloud and your iOS devices are all working perfectly.


    iCloud and Google do not sync with each other, so you can't sync two different syncing services across multiple different devices and expect them to all stay in sync with each other.


    iCloud is an Apple service for Apple mobile devices. Android is not supported. You need to use a single cross-platform syncing service across all your devices - not one service on some devices and another service on other devices.

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    There is a misunderstanding here, I know these things very well that Icloud and google do not sync with each other and Icloud and apple are completely difference services, I know that icloud is apple service and it only works on IOS 5 and mac os. On my apple note app, there is icloud note tab and gmail note tab, I make note in gmail note tab, not the icloud. It supposes to syncs with my htc because it is gmail sever, not icloud but it doesn't. It only appears on my ipad. Thanks for response and I need some help .

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    So, if it syncs ok to your iPad from your Mac then clearly the Apple part of the process is working fine, and as it is syncing via Gmail then clearly the Google part of the process is working fine too.


    Only the HTC part of the process is not working, and this is not a HTC Support forum. You need to go somewhere where HTC problems are discussed.

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    But the thing is mac only syncs with ipad and ipad only syncs with macbook, it doesn't sync on other devices while my htc syncs on multiple devices except apple devices .

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    If the Mac and iPad are syncing with each other then the data MUST be going via Google's servers, otherwise it would not sync. Therefore Apple and Google are talking to each other successfully.


    If the Notes are not then appearing on your HTC device, then clearly the connection between Google's server and your HTC device is not working for some reason. How can that be an Apple issue?


    Fact is, you won't get help for a Google or HTC problem on Apple's forum. Why do you refuse to at least post the question on a more suitable forum?


    Why are you so insistent that this is an Apple issue even though you have proven that Apple devices and the Google servers are syncing perfectly?

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    Thanks you!

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    Julian why do you need to so unbelievably rude about it.  Clearly he is just looking for help, and he understands that there is an issue with the google, and HTC, and as well as with his Apple products.  The fact is, he is using his APPLE MAC to create the note, so naturally he would come to an Apple forum to look for a solution, not to have someone with a god complex tell him to go somewhere else.  Get over your ego and maybe you can actually try to help him, and if not, then keep your remarks to yourself.  You wasted more time continuosly trying to tell him to go elsewhere when you probably could have spent half the time actually trying to help him.  Oh, and please do not bother responding to this trying to come up with any sort of excuse or telling me how I'm wrong or ignorant, because I truly do not care what you have to say.  Take care.


    ngongja, I know it's been a year since you posted, but for anyone else that is having the same issues, there is an app you can get from the Google Play store called iNotes which syncs your Mac and iOS notes with your Android device.


    Hope that helps!

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    Thanks a lot empireson, I had the exact issue between my ipad and my htc, this was because each app sync in a different segment of the cloud space of google servers..  Have a nice day