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The URL bar was available yesterday, but not today. I am familiar with restoring the URL bar using the VIEW MENU and CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR. However, today, the CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR does not show the URL bar just the GOOGLE SEARCH/READER BAR.


I use the URL bar constantly. When needed, I use the GOOGLE search bar. It now means everytime I go to a new or existing website, I have to type in the 'http://www' first. Such a bother.


I've read through all the responses, but there was no information about the URL bar not showing in the CUSTOMIZE TOOLBAR screen.




Many thanks in advance for your time to answer my question.

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)
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    iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.2)   < your profile


    If that is correct, try updating your system software.


    Click your Apple menu icon top left in your screen. From the drop down menu click Software Update...

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    Hi, Carolyn,


    Thanks, Carolyn, for getting back to me so promptly. Very much appreciated.


    I have the latest Lion [10.7.4] and about to upgrade to Mountain Lion probably next month.


    The Safari update just came through a few days ago. Maybe it was the update that eliminated the URL bar in Customize Toolbar. I checked again to be sure everthing is up-to-date for my computer, and it is.


    Rather puzzling as to what has occurred since the Safari update.

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    The address and search bars have been combined in Safari 6.

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    Hey, there, Linc, thanks for the information. After reading your answer, I have come to the conclusion that after the update a few days ago, the URL bar was not there but did not notice until today when doing considerable surfing of the internet for Olympic programs. It was awkward at first not having the prefix ['http://www.'] instated and thinking I would have to enter this every time I wanted a particular website. Upon getting my brain reorganized about the change, I see one does not even have to enter the 'prefixes'. Instead, just type the name of the website and off it goes into cyberspace automatically. That is convenient, after all.


    It would have been helpful that upon updating Safari, a notification was made to this effect. However, with thanks to the Discussion Forum, I knew an answer was out there.Techies, like you 'save the day!'.


    Thanks, for your help!