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The Pre-Ordered Album has arrived in my iPhone 'Downloads' but will not download/install. I just now tapped Store in Settings on the iPhone in question set it to auto download music, apps and books which as it happens was turned off. Ok.


So how do I get the pre-orederd download/installed? And are Pre-orders paid for when you order them or when you receive them?


The Pre-Ordered Bob Dylan: Live at Bonnie Beecher's Apartment is sitting in iTune>More>Downloads but won't budge when I tap it.  It isn't showing in 'Purchases' either and I can not confirm from receipts if it was paid for when ordered becauseI threw the first few Apps and iTunes electronic receipts in the trash. I stopped doing that long ago and have been saving them since then on my mac and in mail folders.

iPhone 4S, iOS 5.1.1