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I just wanted to post my resent experience with ITunes. In the past we all know that in most cases iTunes will wipe out your device in order to perform a sync.  This is the biggest issue I have with using iTunes. I never connected my ipad3 to iTunes when I initially bought my iPad3 on launch day.  I wanted to just get a few Royalty freevmusic files onto my iPad. I searched and searched for months and try many different file transfer apps but none will import music files into the iPad music library. I just yesterday gave up on trying so I bought more iCloud storage and then proceeded to back up my iPad to the Cloud. Minus photos, videos and music. There are a few nice photo and video file tranfer apps that will wirelessly transfer between iPad and Mac or PC, or between two iDevices.. I use the app called Photosync.  It works well.  After the backup to iCloud I plugged my ipad3 into my computer and started iTunes on my Dell PC which connects to my HDTV. The iPad shows up in iTunes ok. The only options I have are to Set up iPad as new or to restore from my IPad1's backup. The iCloud back up did not show in iTunes that I had just performed. I did not want to restore from my ipad1's backup so I selected Setup as New. I unselected all Automatic syncing options. To my surprice iTunes did not erase anything on my iPad.  I can now copy songs from iTunes on my PC by dragging and dropping the songs over to the iPad as a playlist. At first the songs would not play or showed up on my iPad.  I tried dragging the songs to the playlist I created on my iPad through iTunes a second time and this time all is well and good. If I new this information I would have done this months ago. I was just so concerned that in Syncing my iPad to iTunes for the first time iTunes would wipe out my iPad as iTunes has always done in the past.

I still want a wireless solution instead of going through iTunes. If Apple really wants to "Cut the cord" between the Idevices and computer then IOS6 needs to implement a better built-in music, photo, and file transfer system. I have Filebrowser which is a pretty good NAS file transfer app but it still is not an end all file transfer app untill it can directly transfer photos, videos, and music to the iPad photo and music library. This is where most programs look for these types of files. Some now use the "open in" command to import files like music and photos. But the app I use called Avid Studio does not so the question I had initially is how do I get music files into this video editing app? The only way I have found in my research is to load the music files into iTunes on a computer hook my iPad to iTunes and copy the files to my iPad. Hopefully there will be a better solution to this problem in near future.


John Gerard

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