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I do not wish to alter any of the metadata.


When I load up the book in .ibooks format, do I also need to re-upload all the other metadata? I am specifically asking about the cover art. When you scroll through iTunes Producer, the cover art shows up as a question mark. Is it necessary to reupload, or if you are making a change to the book does all the metadata stay the same?


I hope my question is clear.


Thanks in advance.

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    You can just upload the new cover art. Anything else that you don't change will stay the same.



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    I tried to upload a book of mine, but when I logged into my iTunes Connect account and went to Manage my Books, I had a ticket for the book with a list of errors I needed to be fixed before it could be uploaded to the iBookstore. I fixed all the changes and now I need to reupload the book. How do I do that? All the information for the book is already there and I am wondering if there is a way to just resubmit only the book, or do I have to delete it altogether and start over with iTunes Producer and re enter all of the information again?

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    Let's see, how can I do this right.


    Through iBooks Author:


    Step 1: Open your book that you have edited, or original book you wrote, and edit it.

    Step 2: Click on File > Export

    Step 3: Select the file name you wish to save your book to, and destination desktop

    Step 4: Select the file type, as iBook

    Step 5: Open the publishing file, by double clicking on the original epub file.

    Step 6: Change what metadata you'd like to change there, and go to the book's assets

    Step 7: Drag your iBook file you just exported into the space for your book

    Step 8: Now go to your screenshots, add photos of your screenshots you'd like to have displayed

    Step 9: Click deliver


    Apple will email you once you're changes have taken place. I got an email right away, and in itunesconnect.com I went to manage my books, and found the changes already posted.


    I hope this helps you out!