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I've just uploaded my website which is being hosted by ipage, I used the Publish Site option vie SEO Tool for iweb. I then made some alterations to the website in iWeb and then reloaded the site.


Now all of a sudden a random sample image has appeared on the home page yet it's not showing on the home page in iWeb. I've deleted all of the folders and reloaded them, deleted history and cleared any saved info that I could find under preferences but image is still showing. I've also created a new blank page and copied over the information I wanted to use to ensure the image wasn't underneth yet still it's showing on the live site


Any ideas why / how this is happening and if I can get rid of it?


Thanks in advance



iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.3), 21.5" Lion
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    I would recommend that you use an FTP application to upload the files after processing with SEO Tool.


    Either that or contact Rage tech support and ask them to deal with the problem.


    Publish your site to a local folder and launch it in the browser by double clicking the external index.html file. Is this version OK?


    Then process the files with the Tool and test again. Is this version OK?

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    Thanks Roddy


    I checked the .html file and all was ok. It seemed that the website just took a little longer to update but it must have done it over night as now working fine