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seen some similar issues else where but not quite this same thing wondering if anyone can illuminate. it seems that when i clip an audio track in motion it respects the clip in the timeline playback but the export file does not.


thanks advanced!

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    I have seen many audio exporting issues of the years with Motion. This I think will only get worse as it gets more embedded into FCPX. The solution really is to not do any audio editing in motion at all. Either export the pictures into fcpx or some editing app, and recombine with audio there. Or create a finshed audio bed and import into motion ( thats what I do)





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    trying to minimize edting steps so a precompose would definitely be a last step i think. i try to never use compostiros for audio editing but you'd think the basic stuff would work :/


    thanks for your help!

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    I only use audio in Motion for timing.  Then I export video only, and match it back to the video in QT 7 Pro or FCP X.

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    yeah thanks i guess a real workaround seems unlikely you'd think this would'nt be such a tough fix for apple :/