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Here's the story:
2 days ago I viewed a Flash site (98.9 The Rock) and everything worked fine. I viewed a different page YouTube to view videos. It said I needed the Flash player. Yet the Flash site 98.9 the rock worked fine. So I downloaded the new Flash player because I thought it might of needed the most current version. I downloaded it from this page. Macromeda.com.shockwave
I downloaded it and tried to install it. While it was installing it would stop when the installed looked as if it were finished. I had to force quit the installer. Tried over and over. Couldn't get the thing to install!
I go back to the 98.9 the rock page and it says I need the Flash player. It directs me to this link. Shockwave
I download that and it installs fine.

Now I'm all screwed up and I can't view either the videos on YouTube or the page on 98.9 The Rock's radio station.
What is wrong? I don't know what to do.
Any suggestions, links, anything, would be greatly appricated.
Thanks in advance.
Let me know if I need to be more clear.

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