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I have a faulty graphics card in my 24 inch mid 2007 iMac. I need to get a new one. Can I just ring apple and order one or are they no longer in supply? I have been quoted $600 for repair from my local computer shop to fix.

iMac (24-inch Mid 2007)
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    I believe that graphics card may be soldered onto the logic board, so that you cannot only replace the graphics card itself.


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    this is may not be so useful to you now since the last post is from over a year ago, but.... the GPU not attached to the main logic board, you can replace it as a separate component, but you have to have the tools to open your iMac and reassemble it without allowing any dust or debris in between the glass and LCD panel. I recommend buying a part from ifixit and the tools if you don't already have them. if you're not familiar with iMac internal components, have your local shop do it if you really really want to keep this computer running. consider the cost vs. age of the computer. you may not want to throw money at a machine that apple categorizes as vintage. hope you found a good solution back in 2012, and hope any newcomers to this thread found this helpful