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I'm unable to sync Home iCal Calendar from iMac (Snow Lion) to iPhone 3GS via iCloud - events appear correctly on iCloud.com but not pushed to iPhone. However Home events created on the phone sync fine in other direction (appearing correctly on iCloud & iCal) - but they can only be amended on the phone.


My other Work iCal Calendar works perfectly in both directions.


Have tried various suggestions to fix but to no avail. Any help appreciated - thanks.

iOS 5.1.1
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    Welcome to the Apple Community.


    First check that all your settings are correct, that calendar syncing is checked on all devices (system preferences > iCloud on a mac and settings > iCloud on a iPhone, iPad or iPod).


    Make sure the calendars you are using are in your 'iCloud' account and not an 'On My Mac', 'On My Phone' or other non iCloud account (you can do this by clicking/tapping the calendar button in the top left corner of the application ), non iCloud calendars will not sync.


    If you are sure that everything is set up correctly and your calendars are in the iCloud account, you might try unchecking calendar syncing in the iCloud settings, restarting your device and then re-enabling calendar syncing settings.

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    Hi, thanks so much.


    I've been through your recommendations but sadly the Home calendar is stubbornly not working properly (unlike the Work calendar).


    I'm left wondering if the Calendar on the phone itself is part of the problem - when I switched off iCloud I went back into the Calendar app and there were the events from the last time I synced with my iMac (before I upgraded to Snow Lion). I had assumed that once I switched to iCloud they would have been wiped (when I switched iCloud back on again those events are hidden - but I know they are still there!). This may be a red-herring of course......

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    Not quite sure I fully understand what you are saying, however, if I've half grasped it, what happens if you turn syncing off and change the name of the residual calendar before turning syncing back on.

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    Sorry I realise that I wasn't very clear.... so when I turn off iCloud and go into Calendar app, tap on the Calendar button, I have an option to see "On My iPhone" Calendar. This contains entries for both the Home & the Work Calendars (sorry sounds even more confusing) from the last iTunes sync I did a couple of weeks ago (judging by what's in it).


    Anyway, I'm not sure how to rename it on the phone or better still delete the residual calendar......

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    It's not that you don't explain things properly, I have reading and writing difficulties and don't always grasp the obvious.


    Before trying to rename anything, when you turn calendar syncing back on after turning it off, are you not asked if you want to merge data.

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    Really appreciating your help/time; it's so frustrating to try & sort this on your own!


    So when I switch off iCloud on the phone, it asks me if I wish to retain the events from the iCloud - and I select it to delete them.


    Then I go back into Calendar app, and I press on Calendar button(top left) I can see the On My iPhone" Calendar. If I select this to display I can see the events previously described. I then shut the phone off.


    Having restarted the phone, I go back into iCloud settings to switch Calendars on and to at last answer your question (!!) there is no question to ask me to merge data (this good as it would duplicate entries)


    Going back into Calendar app, it claims to be displaying both Home & Work calendars, but it only shows events in the Work calendar.


    I've tried this a number of times and it is totally consistent in its failure to take Home events from the iCloud; I can't see anything different in the setup of the 2 calendars - do you think its a bug?


    Thanks again

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    I think it's possibly something to do the calendar you aready have on there.


    Are you able to rename the calendar when you are not logged into iCloud. Is there anything on the calendar you need to save.

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    Hi, thanks for the suggestion.


    Have just done (as there was nothing I needed on the phone calendar). Now reinstated iCloud (having turned phone off/on etc.) and its doggedly sticking to the same behaviour!

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    You might ultimately need to restore the device, if renaming doesn't help, since I don't believe you can delete it. You might however try deleting everything from it, or even creating a second calendar so you can delete the original.

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    Hi. tried resetting phone but again no luck!


    So whilst not a very elegant solution, I created a new calendar on iCloud and manually transferred all events in the Home Calendar to it and all working fine!!! Thanks again for yuor help.