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Hi everyone,


I‘m finally annoyed enough to ask for help.

In iCal Calendar you can enable to show the birthday calendar which pulls the data from your contacts. This is fine and has worked for many years. In earlier versions apple has chosen to display the birthday in this format: firstname lastname’s birthday. I’m not sure when they changed it (might be with Lion), but currently they use xth birthday of firstname lastname. The earlier method was not really good since it always had trailing dots due to the width, but the new method keeps the trailing dots while maintaining to hide who’s birthday it is! I have to resize the window up to at least 2/3 on my 30" Cinema Display just to see the name! I know that I can double-click the event or (when it is the same day) I can take a look into notification center, but what I’d really like is a way to just have it show something like firstname lastname age.


Any idea if and how this can be accomplished?




MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion