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I have several TXT files I have that track some info for me.  Used to be, like in any OS, I could just double click it and viola, there it is in the text editor.  Ever since Mountain Lion, I open it and it opens fine, then on TOP of that I get ANOTHER open dialog box from text edit with the finder window to let me pick a text file to open.


I ALREADY opened the file I want so i certainly don't need another unasked for dialog box to open every time.  Same thing with PDF's.  Apparently just about everything that opens with preview or text edit does this.


I must be missing something since this clearly shouldn't be default behavior.  Anyone have something somewhere I've missed that will stop text edit or preview from prompting me for a file location to open when I've already opened the file I wanted in the first place?


Thanks for any insight.



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  • JDThree Level 1 (55 points)

    Anyone else hitting it, I finally tracked it to icloud.  Even though I was not using it for anything other than my IOS device backups, somehow it got flagged for "documents" as well.  Killed that and finally preview works as it should without bringing up unwanted open dialog boxes every time I open something.

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    JDThree - I'm now having the same issue, which recently just started.  I read your response but don't understand the steps you took in order to resolve the issue.  Can you please provide?  Thanks!