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I previously posted this question in the iMovie community, but received no response.  I'm hoping someone here will have some knowledge on my situation.


I have created 2 movies in iMovie that use some videos uploaded to iMovie and also some photos from iPhoto.  I have since decided to move all of my photos to Adobe Lightroom.  To do so, I have exported photos event by event from iPhoto to a new location, imported them into Lightroom, and then deleted the event from iPhoto.  For those iPhoto events where I have used photos in iMovies, I have yet to delete the events from iPhoto.  I assume that iMovie will be very confused about the location of the photos and will no longer be able to play the movie.  Should I just keep these events in iPhoto in addition to having a copy of the photos in Lightroom?  Can iMovie "see" photos in Lightroom, so I can create additional iMovies taking photos from Lightroom? 


I have 2 goals here:  1) not break 2 existing iMovies that use photos from iPhoto, 2) be able to create new iMovies using video and also photos from Lightroom. 


Is this possible?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7.4)

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    You can check easily if iMovie will continue to work with photos after you've deleted them from iPhoto - simply make a quick project in iMovie and then delete the photos from iPhoto. I do believe they will but not absolutely certain.


    No I don't believe you can share photos from LR to iMovie like you can from iPhoto or Aperture because LR has no knowledge or way of working with the Media Browser system. You'll need to export from it to the Finder and from there to iMovie.