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I have an older Macbook (Late 2007, Snow Leopard) that I'd like to use kind-of as a network drive. I don't quite feel like replacing it, because I have a Macbook Air that I'd been using for travel. Any advice on how I can keep the old laptop running, while closed, physically or wirelessly connected to the Airport (Extreme 2010), so I can keep accessing it over the network?

Mac OS X (10.5.2)
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    The MacBook must be running (not sleeping) to be able to share its internal HDD on the network. I believe one way to do this is via System Preferences > Energy Saver. From there (I'm on Mountain Lion) I would recommend the following settings:

    • Computer sleep: Never
    • Display sleep: 1 min
    • Put hard disks to sleep when possible (not checked)
    • Wake for network access (checked)
    • Allow power button to put the computer to sleep (not checked)
    • Start up automatically after a power failure (checked)
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    The computer still went to sleep after I closed it. Looking around on the discussions, it works with Insomnia. Other discussions for Macbooks of this age suggest that the air intake is through the keyboard, and that the laptop could over heat. True? Perhaps the whole thing is better done with a real external hard drive?

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    You want to set your laptop to wake on demand as described in http://support.apple.com/kb/HT3774.

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    This works when the computer is in Sleep, but still open. If the laptop is closed, no go.  The article suggests using an external keyboard and monitor to get the computer to register w/ the proxy server, but I have neither of those things. Any additional suggestions?


    Getting there, thanks for all the help!