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I'm still running Final Cut Pro 7 on Mountain Lion, and I ran into a problem where the program would freeze whenver I tried to play in both the canvas and the viewer. I seem to have fixed it on my computer, and wanted to share my fix in case anyone else ran into the same problem. I tried deleting both Final Cut and Quicktime's preferences, but that didn't fix anything. Then, I happened to look at the console, and discovered the following message right around the time that it froze:


8/7/12 11:11:53.244 AM Final Cut Pro[702]: Address book access is denied for executable at path: /Applications/Final Cut Pro.app/Contents/MacOS/Final Cut Pro


I thought that was odd, since I don't see any reason that FCP would need access to my address book, but I decided to go check in System Preferences -> Security and Privacy -> Privacy -> Contacts. I discovered that FCP was already listed there, and the checkbox for "Allow these apps to access your contacts" was unchecked, so I decided to check it. And then it worked! It no longer froze during playback. I have no idea how that relates to playback, but it definitely fixed it for me, and so I hope that maybe this well help someone else who is having trouble.

MacBook Pro (Retina, Mid 2012), OS X Mountain Lion
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    Long story short.  Mountian Lion and Lion is not compatiable with Fnnal Cut 7 Studios.  The new OS X are more focused on the Apps & Final Cut X which I like to call iMove Pro.  You would have to downgrade back to Snow Leopard in order to fully run FC7 to its capcity with no bugs.  This new OS X upgrades is not worth the money or your time as an editor/filmmaker.  


    I spoke to editors and Apple specialists and they tell me FC7 does not work with Lion and up.  Stay on Snow leopard!!  The customer service and so-called apple care providers do not know Jack.  They keep telling me FC7 works with Lion, but looked what happen to your programs and mine.  Case closed.  Give me a shotgun to shoot the OS X Lion.


    P.S.  Nothing works, I tired everything from deleting FC7 perferences, clean up, reboot; it's Lion!!

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    Hey patmander,


    Just letting you know I've done a clean install of final cut studio (with final cut pro 7, motion, etc) on a late 2011 15 inch macbook pro which is running lion. Although final cut studio was an upgrade pack and still required a final cut studio 2 license key, it contained all of the newest final cut studio data as if it was a retail version. Even with the updates to lion, I've found it still works absolutely fine. This was the last version of final cut studio available at retail before final cut pro x was released.

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    If you read these forums, you'd know that many, many people are running fcp7 on lion and although it's too soon to tell that it will work dependably, we've seen several reports of people successfully runing fcp on mountain lion.


    Perhaps you should start a thread here and get some help from those who've had success. 


    Me, I'm still on snow leopard and see no reason to change, but for those with new mac's that come with lion or mountain lion preinstalled...  there is hope.

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    Well, so a few updates. First of all, it turns out I was completely wrong... I had just started using Time Machine for the first time, and didn't understand that it happened to cause the problems mentioned above if it was in the middle of backing up and Final Cut was running. It just so happened that it stopped backing up when I tried the above fix. So, it was actually just Time Machine that was causing problems.


    Second of all, I would agree with what everyone else has said thus far... Short of this problem, which was not actually a problem with Mountain Lion, I have yet to actually come across a single problem with Final Cut Studio in Mountain Lion. I was nervous about everything working, but so far I've used FCP, DVD Studio Pro, and Compressor without issue, and plan to continue testing it.

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    Hey Mikeman

    Thanks for your infor on this! I've also been running Lion for a while with FCP7 and have found no issues whatsoever. I probably would have stuck with Snow Leopard viewing it as the pinnacle of Apple's efforts in having an OS for pros. Nevertheless, I bit into the apple again (oops, pun, intended!) and now that I'm totally hooked on Lion's scrolling/swipe mouse/trackpad features (I use a track pad to swipe only)and their improved Mail I might take the plunge and go all the way to Mountain Lion since everything I've read and heard makes me believe Mountain Lion is simply Lion in its mature built out state. My only concern was all the fuss about "Save As" being brought back and how that has created confusion.

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    I've seen this issue with my mac pro 2008:


    While the programs still work fine, one fundamental change that Apple has made in Mountain Lion is to push more of the responsibility for displaying the image on the computer monitor to the GPU of the graphics card. Previously these responsibilities were shared with the CPU. Therefore, if you have an older graphics card (even if it is fully compatible with FCPX, as ours are), FCP6/7 has a difficult time playing back 1080 video in the Canvas window (at any size), without breaking up when there is some degree of movement in the video image.The screen cannot refresh quickly enough to draw the video image without showing horizontal banding and some minor digital garbage.

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    Im running FCP7 on my iMac running Lion 10.7.5 and people say it doesnt....

    So it makes me wonder if it will work with Mountain Lion