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IndyMichaelB Level 1 Level 1

Notification for email from some of my VIP contacts is working fine.

But for at least 1 VIP contact, I am getting 3 identical similtanious notifications when a single email is recieved.


Anyone else seeing similar behavior? 

Anyone know a fix?

  • kerr91 Level 1 Level 1

    I was receiving multiple notifications sent to my GMAIL IMAP account.   I noticed that when I opened the first notification I was shown mail with the "all mail" label selected.  Opening the second notification displayed the "important" lablel.


    To resolve this issue,  I logged into the gmail web interface, opened settings, clicked on labels.  I then unchecked the "show in IMAP" box for the "all mail" label and the "important" label.


    Perhaps this will help you.

  • Zebbler Level 1 Level 1

    On my end, messages in email chains for some reason keep blinking between VIP and UNREAD.

    I can't get rid of that behavior no matter what I do... And it's not Gmail based, all over the map.

    Any ideas?