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What a joke. This has to be the worst upgrade I have ever gone thru since becoming an Apple user. 


My system was stable and fast until I upgraded to Mountain Lion (ya sure why did I upgrade... why not?). With this upgrade I also had to update VMWare Fusion. Maybe thats the root of the problem but bottom line, my system is slow as a snail and is virtually unusable. Whenever I have a couple things going at the same time (i.e. Mail, QBs in Windows, then Safafi) I see that **** rainbow ball all the fricken time.


Whats even more fricken mind boggling is how my Macbook Pro which is a little older than my iMac runs fine.


Is there an easy way to uninstall POS Mountain Lion (never thought I'd say this about a Apple product)?

iMac, Mac OS X (10.7)