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iPad 2 Wi-Fi
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    Calm down! I suppose you are syncing it with iTunes on a PC. Connect it to the PC, open iTunes (if it doesn't automatically). The iPad will appear somwhere on the left hand side, where all the options are. Click on it, then you will see a summary page of the iPad. Go to Music (options bar at the top), and you will see four to five different charts with your music, some of them unchecked, some of them checked. Go to the one with the title "Albums", find the one you want to delete, uncheck it, then sync your iPad with the PC again. It should not be present on the iPad anymore. As for the transition Microsoft --> Apple. I know, it can be really weird sometimes, and you have to get used to the new Operating System etc., but you'll get used to it pretty soon. Don't worry!

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    I've calmed a bit... sigh...   Sorry, if I seemed a little "over the top", but my new PC doesn't seem to want to "play nice" with my new iPad.  Here's the problem...  I don't use my iPad for music (though I do have some on there), I was talking about a photo album.  I now realize that I didn't mention that in my first posting.  I've tried to navigate the whole "syncing" process with photos, and it seems to not want to let me get rid of stuff. 


    It's a 4 month old iPad 2 with 16 GB (That's probably twice as much data as I'd actually need on my iPad at any given time), and a 2 week old VERY fast PC running Windows 7, so it shouldn't be a hardware, or software problem.


    So... How do I get a photo album off of my iPad 2?



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    OH, sorry, misunderstood!

    Go to the Photos App on the iPad. At the top of the screen there should be four options (SAVED PHOTOS, PHOTO STREAM, ALBUMS, PLACES). Hit "Albums", then hit "Edit" (right upper corner), then tap on the X that appears on the corner of the album you want to delete. That should delete it from the iPad. I haven't used a PC, though in a while, and I don't know which Photo-Programme you are using on that, so I don't know, if that app will sync it back to your iPad, once it gets connected to it again. (You'll have to check that with the PC-Programme-Manual or with someone/thing more helpful.). If you move photo(-albums) manually back and forth from Computer to iPad do the above (the first part) and no problems should arise anymore. And if they so...hey, that's what we are here for and in the worst of cases you can still go to an Apple Store and have them look over it!

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    OK...  I really don't know what to say to you.  Do you work for Apple?  I was led to believe that I was buying an iPad 2.  That's "iPad", with an "a".  It's not an "iPod", with an "o", or an "iPhone" either.  It's model number in the "General" section of the "Settings" is MC979LL, and my "Version" is "5.1.1 (9B206)  It says on the back of the case "Model A1395".  It was a major worldwide corporation that sold it to me, so I don't think they would have sold me something that I didn't think I was buying.  Could you please tell me whether I have an iPad 2?


    I'm giving you all this information, because I don't have on my iPad the choices that you've said I'm supposed to see.  You say, " there should be four options (SAVED PHOTOS, PHOTO STREAM, ALBUMS, PLACES)"  I have "Photos, Albums, Events".  When I tap "Albums", then "Edit", it darkens all but one of my 4 albums, and gives me 2 choices, "New Album", or "Done".  Neither of these choices is suitable for what I'd like to do.  There are no "x"s for me to tap.  If I tap the darkened albums, nothing happens.  If I tap the lightened album it opens up, but just lets me look at the photos I tap.


    I like to keep things organized.  The iPad is not a good device for this.  I need to be able to remove things from a device just as easily as I put it on there.  Please pass this on to Apple support.

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    First of all the model of the iPad has nothing to do with the software it's running (At least not yet). So it won't help you, to know that this is an iPad 2 (which it propably is, although I don't know all the model numbers by heart). Second: I'm running the same software an you (iOS 5.1.1). The darkening part is pretty normal. When I hit edit I see this:photo.PNG

    Now when I said X (propably not the best of choices, sorry), i meant the little thing where the arrow is pointing. Now, if you don't get that "X", there sth. pretty wrong woth your software, but I don't think so. I think you just did't spot it. Now the other albums, are all dark because for some reason you can't delete them. That's because either they are the standart "SAVED PHOTOS/CAMERA ROLL" Album, which cannot be deleted, or because some third-party software has "told" the iPad, those are TABU. That's propably the software the Photos come from on your Computer. Try to manage the problem from there if you want to delete those. It's propably somwere near the section you added them to the iPad. (I know this isn't great help, but I don't know what programme you're running...sorry!) I hope this helps. (Oh, and you are using the Apple-App, for photos, right?)

    And, no, I don't work foe Apple. 1.) I'm hardly qualified; 2.) I think I might be too young. 3.) I'm flattered, nonetheless.

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    That you don't get the same top-bar-menu, as I do, might have sth. to do with the fact, that you have disabled iCloud for Photos (Settongs > iCloud). I THINK (but I'm not sure), I used to get the same window, before iCloud came out. I checked your Product-Number, and yeah it's an iPad 2, Wi-Fi only.

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    The little "x" you show in your picture does NOT appear on my iPad.  Apparently, I'm suppose to be able to use iTunes software on my PC to manage my photos on my iPad, but...  it doesn't work.  It's all set for me to add stuff to my iPad, not take it off.  The only thing I can surmise from this is that the people at Microsoft don't want anyone to use an iPad, or the people at Apple want to encourage everyone with an iPad to go buy a Mac.


    It's all very disappointing...  I guess I would have chosen a different tablet product had I known that connecting to a computer, and running Apple software, was so essential to the iPad's operation.  When it comes down to it, I blame Apple, since it's their iTunes software that is required, and it doesn't work, or it's so un-widows-like that it's incomprehensible for a Windows user.


    I'd definitely recommend to anyone with a Windows based PC to stay away from the iPad.


    I do appreciate your attempts to help me.

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    I'm really sorry, abou this, but I can't seem to help you. I don't know what could be the problem. Really. As I said, continue to try it via the PC (although I'm sure you've done that enough times already to get sick of it), and definitely bring the iPad to an Apple Store. This is NOT supposed to happen. (And after all, if it's a 4 month old iPad, the warranty hasn't run out yet.) Maybe they will know more than I do (well they propably will...). And again. Sorry! :/

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    And don't be overly disappointed yet. You'll get the hang of it eventually.

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    You may well have figured this out or smashed your iPad to pieces, however just had the same problem. Next time you plug your iPad into your computer you should get the pop up saying do you want to view the files and , heres the cruical bit IMPORT your picture. If you say yes to the import then it will start to copy the pictures onto you PC. It will then prompt you with 'do you want to remove from the ipad on import' Say yes to this and it will remove the images.


    Well that worked for me anyways.

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    Well in my case I opened an account in my Mac and connected my iPad.  Since no photo in my new account after sync all the photo got deleted from iPad.


    This may not be aapl,s way of doing things but job got done!

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    I don't know much, but I had the same problem. I solved it by connecting to itunes, go to photos tab, uncheck the sync button, sync the ipad and the album was removed from the ipad.


    In my case it was all because I forgot that the 'album' was a synced folder from my PC... total arggg!

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    I get your I've got the very same issue and I'm trying to figure it out. I also don't have the "x" button to delete the photo album when I click "edit". I must agree, very very extremely poor attempt from the Apple consultant to assist you with such an frustrating issue. I hope you've sorted it out now.

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    If it's an album that you synced from your computer then you can't delete it directly on the iPad - you will need to re-connect the iPad to your computer's iTunes, de-select that folder on the Photos tab (i.e. where you originally selected it to sync to the iPad) and re-sync

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