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Hello all. Problem in bold and question in italics below. Thanks in advance!


So I have two Apple IDs (let's call them appleID1@mac.com and appleID2@mac.com), both set up when I was back in high school seven years ago. I went with the first after forgetting the password to the second.


Anyway, now that everyone's migrated to iCloud (with @me.com email addresses) I'm trying to ressurect the second Apple ID (it's more professional looking) so I can use the @me.com email address, and abandon the first.


I've been reading around the forms here and doing some research, and it appears you can't (yet, at least) merge two or more accounts into one. I would, then, like to migrate from my first Apple ID/@me.com address to the second one.


Any tips on how to do this? I have the usual things tied up with the old account (iTunes [music only], iPhone/Mac apps, iCloud data, etc. etc.). Most of it I'm not worried about losing, as I try to buy free apps. The occasional $$ purchases I can repurchase. Is there anything else I should be worried about? Thanks!

MacBook Pro with Retina display, Mac OS X (10.7.4)
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    You can't move content from one iTunes account to another. You can manually transfer contacts and calendars in iCloud though.

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    Is there a specific way to do that or do I just manually export my contacts and calendars via the apps?

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    If you log into both accounts at the same time temporarily, you can drag any saved mail from one account to the other to copy them (alt-drag to just move), you can drag contacts from one account to the other, calendars is a little less straight forward.


    1. Create a new empty calendar from the iCal file menu, select which account you want to create it in.
    2. If you have only a few appointments you can move them individually by editing them and changing the calendar in the edit options.
    3. Alternatively you can copy all the appointments in one calendar to another and delete the original.
    4. To copy a calendar ctrl-click on it from the menu that appears when you select the calendar button (top left corner of iCal) and choose export (export it to your desktop for ease)
    5. Double click the exported file and choose the new empty calendar to import them into.
    6. Ctrl-click on the original calendar from the menu that appears when you select the calendar button and choose delete.
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    Thanks for that. I've moved my contacts and my calendars/reminders (they've yet to sync to the cloud but I'm sure that'll happen in due time). I didn't have any mail with the old account so that wasn't an issue.


    However, I've seem to run into a problem. For some reason, when I'm in the iCloud pane of System Preferences, it won't let me activate my @me.com address. It says that it is already in use. But when I log into my Apple ID via the web, it says that I have the @me.com address assigned to me. So it's already in use... by me. Any way to fix this, or should I go to an Apple Store?

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    What exactly are you trying to do. If you are trying to use an @me address as an alternate address, that is already used for another ID, then you can't do that.

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    No, I'm trying to activate my new Apple ID/iCloud account's mail address (AppleID2@me.com), which is connected to my new Apple ID. But in System Preferences it keeps telling me that the email address is already in use. Do I need to remove it from the ID association and then re-add it after I activate it with my new iCloud account?

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    Could you explain what you mean by activate, what steps are you taking to do this.

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    Never mind, I figured it out. I toyed around with the settings and preferences and I got control of the associated email address. I just entered in something in the field where it asked me to create an email address and it proceeded to continue set up with the email address I wanted.


    I'll follow through on moving the iCal events, although because I don't have many events set up in the future I might just start from scratch.

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    I am now comfortably posting from my new, unified account. Thanks again!

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    Hi CitizenHobbes (i agree, much better id....),


    Just so you know, even though you may have apps you purchased under your old Apple ID, you need not repurchase them. A single iTunes Library can hold items purchased by multiple parties. My husband and I share an iTunes Library  with music, apps, etc. purchased via both of our IDs at various times.


    The only real issue you may run into occasionally, is when you are trying to update an app that was purchased under your previous alias. I know my husbands password, and he knows mine. I also have an old Apple ID that some of my apps were purchased with long ago. For my "two" ids, I just keep the passwords for both of them the same, then regrardless of which one comes up asking for a password to update an app, it doesn't matter...I put in the same one either way. This makes that aspect of the double-id as seamless as possible.


    Just thought you'd like to know.....





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    Thanks for that. I was a bit worried about how to deal with that. I'll definitely be using my new account for future purchases, but at least I don't have to make any repurchases (although 90% of the apps I use cost $0.00).