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Hello There Who can ever helped me out with understanding. Ok Im from The Bahamas and I always have been a pc user. I alway's love games and also art in designed pictureOk My Mother said she was gonnabuy me a new laptop in thousand area ok. But now I have hurt my head over two computer which I really Loved they both stylish and nice jsut perfect but I never have owned any of these laptops im gonna mention its Macbook Pro 13" and Alienware m17x. Now I have both saw reviews and unboxing of these each item everyday on youtube lol.But NOw heres the problem Im gonna get these both laptops are bulid in Battery now I taught it was kinda good but bad in a way. I have heard that macbook pro have to change battery a year and stuff and haveing all sorts of trouble now jsut unexplainable and im actully ordering this laptop now I never been a mac user I dont how to actully take care to make my battery lastest at least three years or 4. Ok I need proper careing and help ok . I also like to play few games but not like a hardcore gamer like crysis battle feild and so on no I dont never ever played thoose game and yea but i do play Secondlife And Imvu or any simular games to them but I was actully planning to play perfect world. I dont know yet if I would like Perfect world or so but I heard have to runa software but ill get pass that when i get help from this. Ok and i also like loud clear sounds from the computer to listin to and hear i dont not like low aduio sounds so yea.I'm trying to learn how to edit pictures and stuff but I dont not do video editing so what ever. Yea I jsut like how fast the macbook Pro is and nice but the battery is which blows me of and the tempture of the laptop it runs hot. Now I scared to run this laptop hot or whatever Now I do uses the computer every single day now so i need some great tips how to care and how should I play my games he safer way so my battery could last at least 3 - 4 years now So Yep and Im also would be getitng aessories with the laptop like the case and a keyboard cover so it would be safe to take care off. Now if my laptop will ever battery needs to change and since I lived in The Bahamas where is no one over here fixes Macbook pro laptops or do anything with it we jsut sell it and now i dont not know what to do if i need a battery replace i know i have to go to apple for replacement but how should i sent the laptop in to be so waht ever and how much you think it would cost ok thats my big fear battery replacement now secondly either that out the way I would make my mind with Mac to gave it a try I dont not want to waste my mother hard working money this is the first ever expensive alptop im getting and she loves to get best out of it now i want tips and what to do if I need battery replacement hpw to sent it whatever and thats it i need to know, ok but i don't not want to jsut get a game laptop caused i might not be into thoose type of games but probley what game i ever get introduce to at least i have the requirements for it and so I jsut need help and clear out my mind ok plp plz gave me honest answers and not fake to jsut buy the laptop ok and yea thats it hope get back to me.

MacBook Pro, OS X Mountain Lion
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    Sorry but I really could not read your post.


    Try Reposting with paragraphs and specific questions. Along with spell checking.


    Instead that Run-On that is posted above.



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    Ok I hope this help you, Ok what i was saying is that this christmas im getting a Laptop. I'm having trouble which laptop to choose . Do i either get alienware m17x which is a gaming laptop or A Macbook pro 13'. Now I was saying that I'm not a hardcore Gamer So I wouldn't jsut get a laptop for games but i also do love to play a lil game on the side such as SecondLife And IMVU or Any social game network like thoose.I dont not like top play shooting games like that so it won't not effect me but I hope that Macbook Pro 13' would do play my SecondLife and IMVU smooth.

                               But I want to really know if I play my games I mention how should i played it saftely so I dont not burn out the battery and ending up buying a new one I want a proper care help how should I take care of it when palying games and I always be on the laptop everyday.I heard some person talking about battery charge onces a month and how to charge the laptop so you wouln't something like it anyway.But I just want to know how to balance the game out and the battery and so on. I hope you can help me.

                                                                                                                    And one more thing is that im also getting a laptop case for the MacBook laptop and a keyboard cover to protect the keys from oil , spills ect. But i heard that it burns out the laptop board but I also heard that some of them uses a keyboard cover which don't what evere I sut want to know which keyboard cover should I get . This is my first time switching over to Mac os so i dont notknow any proper careing ect so casn you please tell me how should i take care and paly my games so I wont make my macbook laptop to run hot so yep thats me. And Im sorry for my grammar I typed on here , i don't type correct english but im sure you can read this so yea later.

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    If you are now using a PC and you do play some games then I suggest you stick with a PC. Mac's, especially there notebook line and especially the 13" MBP, are not really meant to play games.


    Don't know about any of the other thing you asked. Don't use a keyboard cover. I don't spill stuff on any of my computers or other electronics devices.


    Good luck in your decision.

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    Macbook Pro is not a laptop and should not be used as one.  It is a "notebook."









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    Rukira --


    Do you have an Apple Store, or certified reseller on the Bahmas? If so, I suggest you go try the Mac out, and see what you think.  If your absolutely most importat issue is gaming, then you're probably better off with a PC.

    With a MBP, you do not have the change the battery every year.


    I'm assuming you're a yount person, and I give you a lot of credit for being so careful with spending your mother's hard earned money.  At this point in your life, and living on an island with no Apple Store, I might recommend that you stick with a PC until you're almost college age.


    Our site here is made up of volunteer Mac users, who usually come here to actually help people seeking support. Please don't take your early responses here as typical.  There are lots of really nice people here who don't feel the need to make new posters feel like they're asking stupid questions, or are ill-informed,and don't know the perfect words to use. Every person started out with their first computers, not understanding lots of stuff. 


    Ask around, maybe, and see if there's a friend or relative near you who has a Mac you can try first.


    All the best --

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    Yea thankyou I should stick of with PC but I just found out from my friend who told me that we do have one store over  in The Bahamas ,Which does replace battery but yea I think Ill should wait caused I really love games So Ill go with a Alienware m17x.But thanks for your help and time to write this back to  me and have a nice day.

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    And Yea But I was saying is that Im not like an hardcore gamer but I do like play social games like SecondLife or so. I just want to know if its powerful to run that game caused I dont really game on hardcore games and stuff thats why Xbox , playstation ect where made for that.But if it do play that game I mention ,ill go with a Macbook Pro 13' if not ill go witt the Alienware onces again thankyou.

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    If you do have one store there, I would recommend you go over and check out the Macs.  By the time you're thinking of college or entering the workforce, a Mac will be perfect.  It's good for gaming, but that's not what they're known for.  All the best to you Rukira. 


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    Thanks Bee.

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    You know what ill get A Mac Book Pro 13' and Ill try out with Mac os for the first time and see how it is but any suggestion how to keep my Macbook Pro cool when playing games and thanks you for your help Bee if i have any problem I jsut message to you caused you haelp me alot.

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    Well , what u need a laptop for basically is gaming ?

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    Mac os X is not only designed for gaming, its a different think, its a lovely companion, u can do many more stuff on this, and that too typical stuff, that will help you in ur future endeavours !
    With Mac any help u need is just here !

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    Rukira --


    There's tons of great helpers here.  And I'll always keep a special eye out for you.


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    Yea I know what Things mac can do, as i said I wont not be spending money jsut on a laptop that plays game But I said on the side I love to play soical games like SecondLife or so. I know Macbook Aren't designed for games but I Just found out that the game i want to play it could . Mac is an all purpose laptop But I want to try somehting new and try to do other things insead of gaming Im trying to designed 3D avatars picture which is very good caused You can create clothes ect So I know Mac has already bulid a program for that so it makes since to get a mac and its the fastes notebook ever and Secondlife and IMVu to me its not a hardcore game which requires lots of ram and so on.


    So I think that Macbook Could be notebook to try out and I have used one before in a camp to register the Children Info and so On. But I really loved how Mac is bulid and very cool caused you have more cases and protction than a regular Pc thats why I would go with a Mac so yea I know its not for games but my games which could paly on everything its not a problem with the notebook caused I have watch some youtube vidoes on it and persons aid it runs smooth. So great enough for me and Im not a huge game freak like others who would spend money jsut for games Im not a child like that i love paly games but loves to learn to do others so I hope you understand what im saying here And thanks for your Help its was a plesure.

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