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Woogieman Level 1 Level 1

I have an intel iMac with QuickTime Player (Version 10.2) and no .avi that I have tried to open up (that I have aquired SINCE upgrading to OSX Mountain Lion) will play.  All my old .avi movies will work but no new ones.  Anyone else having these issues?

OS X Mountain Lion
  • Jon Walker Level 6 Level 6

    Anyone else having these issues?

    My system generally works the same now as it did before the upgrade as far as AVI files are concerned—i.e., some "supported" files play in the QT X Player and all "supported" files play in the QT 7 Player.



    All my old .avi movies will work but no new ones.

    Since AVI is a file type, the real question here is whether or not both old and new files contain the same compression formats and if different, whether or not the non-playing compression formats are supported by by your codec component configuration and in the AVI file type. To test the possibility that certain codecs are no longer compatible with QT X v10.2 in the AVI container, try playing the problem files in the QT 7 v7.6.6 player app.



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    Half my video files quit playing and the other half just quit playing the audio. Some will work with VLC Player but not all. It is annoy and I hope they fix this soon.