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I've upgraded my Macbook Pro 15" of late 2011's OS to Mountain Lion. After the upgrade my 24 Cinema Display is completely dark. The USB ports works, the on/off button works, and asks wether the Mac should shut down or not when connected, but it just doesn't show any image. The computer can't see the monitor is connected either.


The monitor worked with lion just before the upgrade, but is now completely dark. We've tested the monitor with a different Macbook Pro 15" of late 2011 that still runs Lion, which worked perfectly.


I did check out the post at https://discussions.apple.com/message/19068789#19068789, and I tried to download the update. But when trying to install this firmware update I get the following error: "Alert, your computer does not need this update."


My problem however isn't flickering, but the fact that the monitor isn't recognized by the computer itself. We did try adding on a second monitor to the computer, with the same adapter - which worked fine, however it isnt an Apple monitor, and the quality isn't satisfying compared to the Cinema Display, so I would like this monitor to work again.


Any ideas? Thank in advance!


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