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I am trying to upload short MP4 videos from my iPad 2 running iOS 5.1.1 to Flickr. These videos were taken on a Panasonic FZ150, and I am able to upload videos from this camera from my iMac when I am at home. (I am currently thousands of miles from home, which is why I want to upload from my iPad.)


I can upload photos from iOS iPhoto, but when I select videos, the selection count does not increase, and so they are not uploaded.


There is no Flickr app for iPad, but I tried the iPhone app, and was able to upload photos. However, when I try to upload videos, I always immediately get the error message:


"An error occurred. We could not upload your video. Please try again."


Frustratingly, there is no indication of what the error is.


Finally, I tried the Flickr website uploader page, but all the "Choose File" buttons were dimmed, so apparently there is no attempt to integrate ithis page with iPad,.


I have had the same experience several times over the last few weeks in different locations, including private homes and hotels, none of them corporate offices with strong firewalls, and I am not running any firewall software other than standard iOS.


I welcome any suggestions, workarounds, etc., that will enable me to upload videos from IPad to Flickr.

iPad 2, iOS 5.1.1, Wi-Fi only, 16 GB