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  • Woode Level 1 (5 points)

    I had this problem also. We have a 2008 Xserve (Xserve2,1) that doesn't meet specs for 10.8 Mountain Lion, so we had to get 10.7 Lion. DO NOT CALL SALES, not even the Apple Business Store. They do not know how to order 10.7. Once you find the right person to talk to in support it is very easy. The only problem seems to be finding someone who knows how to place the order for you.


    Also, be sure you get BOTH 10.7 Lion and 10.7 Lion, about $20 each. They'll send you an email in a couple of days with the download link and redemption code. You have to do this on a system with at least 10.6.6, otherwise you can't get to the Mac App Store to actually do the download.


    We started the upgrade to 10.7 and after having been told by two people at Apple that 10.7 would be on the Mac App Store after loading 10.7, found that it wasn't. Thank goodness we cloned the drive immediately before upgrading. I just ordered the 10.7 today (1/28/2013), so we'll see how it goes.

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    Thanks to Filmproducer for warning about Sales. It took 3 phone calls (first time the Salesperson ordered me Lion (not Server) then when I checked the invoice they had billed me for 3 copies of server). Have now received a pdf with and unlocking  password 49 hours after placing the order. Does anybody know why it takes so long? Is it just so they can clear the payment?

    Anyway, I'm just about to try installing Lion Server (10.7) on my mid 2007 Mac mini which already runs Lion OS. Will post when successful.

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    Any ideas how to obtain a thumbdrive in Europe? Thanks!

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    10.7 server admin tools now available for free download:

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    Thanks! But now I still need Or am I missing something here?

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    You're right. Just now, I called Apple Enterprise support and paid $19.99 for the upgrade to Lion Server. Seems like a pretty good deal.

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    Thanks for your update. I don't know if this option is available in my country. Tell me about the procedure, you call and get a download link for 10.7 I read some nasty things about 10.8 that 10.7 is stll the better solution.

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    Yes that's exactly right call enterprise support and they will sell you Lion server for 19.95 and send you an email link to download it.

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    Success! I phoned enterprise support and they had to do some digging before they could help me. I thought I would get a download link but it happens that the download runs through the So now I have to wait until I have my new server to install it. I was counting on a standalone download to be able to create a bootable installer. Or is there a workaround? I maybe old school but I find it comfortable to have physical installer just in case.

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    There is a free app called Lion DiskMaker. Works great with flashdrives

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    Thanks Dave!. I will look into that.

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    Both Snow Leopard Server and Lion Server are available by calling Apple. Both versions are available, but you do have to specify that you are purchasing the server, not the basic package. As others have stated, it's very easy, quick, and relatively painless.


    If you have already downloaded Lion or Lion Server and need to download it again, just go to the Mac App Store on your system, go to the top of the main page, and there will be an icon titled Purchases. Once in Purchases, you will see all purchases you have previously downloaded under that Apple ID in that and available for download.


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    Apple Taiwan works too!!!


    I have called "apple sales and services" of Taiwan for lion server, she accept my purchase easily.


    Thanks a lot to all above...

    Hope this help for Taiwan people!

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    Worked like a charm to order ML Server, as well. They take the order, then email you link to the Apple App Store to download. Easy!

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    UPDATE:  Contacted Apple sales today, Lion Server no longer in the app store, even for Apple associates.  Told them the "contact apple sales, they can sell it to you separately, etc"  but no luck.  They were happy to refer me to the Refub section of the store, where I could happily hand over $850 for a refurb Mac Mini Server (of which none were currently in stock), as well as apply for credit to help spread the payments over time.  No thanks.