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hi everyone,


I've been trying to change a folder icon to a .jpeg image, but having followed the instructions in HT2493 I am at a loss to get this procedure to work for me. At best, the blue folder icon is replaced by the mac .jpeg image icon and not the actual image file I want to use. The instructions seemed very straightforward and I believe I followed them correctly. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. Worse, I know I've done this at least once before because I have a "my stuff" folder on my desktop which has a special photo icon. Thanks for reading, and, any and all suggestions welcomed...

MacBook Pro, Mac OS X (10.6.8), Model 8,2
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    Hi again,


    Got it!  Thanks to Barney-15E who responded to another user with the same question. I found his reply in the archived discussion from 2009. What I was missing was opening the image in preview, then selecting the entire image and copying it to the clipboard. Then when I went to the get info panel and hilighted the folder icon I could replace it with the image file.

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    Hello tcf13,


    Are you aware of an excellent app in the app store ... foldericoncreator.   You can do all sorts of things very easily, indeed my desk top is a riot of colour.   For £5.49 I have transformed much of my filing system.


    Hope this helps you for future changes.