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I have been unable to resolve this after trying many suggestions on the web.   This is a Verizon IPhone 4S.  Daily I get this message and it's usually when I change from 3G data to wireless or the opposite.  I have no problems with data other than GMAIL.  The message I get is "The mail server is not responding.  Verify that you have entered the correct account info in the mail Settings".   See SnapShot Attached.





I am running IOS 5.1.1


The only way I can resolve the problem is to reboot the phone and it starts working again.


These are all the things I have tried to resolve it.


  • Deleted and recreated gmail account several times (works temporaily then problem returns)
  • Tried changing IMAP server from to  (works then problem returns again)
  • Tried the Google Unlock CAPTCHA suggestion
  • I am using IMAP vs Exchange account setup on the Iphone becuase I need to send email as another identity.  When I switch to Active Synch it is much faster, works better, but I see no way to send as another email account using that setup.  I have my personal email account forwarded to GMAIL.  I also have my personal email as my primary ID in gmail.  Regardless, the Iphone sends as the account instead of my personal alias.


Please let me know if anyone has any suggestions. 

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Everything working great until 7:30am this morning.  The only place I can't access my email is via the email application on the iPhone.  I can access email via google apps on the iPhone and via my computer... just not the email application that comes with the iPhone.   This has happened to me before and the problem resolved itself, and I'm guessing that some time tonight my email will start working again... BUT It's very frustrating  when it's impossible to get a clear answer to what the problem is.   If anyone gets a clear answer on how to fix, please post here.

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