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I finally just gave up on Apple's Podcast App. I had such high hopes, but I ran into so many issues:


  1. Wouldn't download many Podcast. Would just error and say "Unable to Download." I'd have to go back to iTunes and use it instead.
  2. Never honored my subscriptions. Plenty of space left, yet newest episodes went undownloaded. If I "Subscribe" and say I want "The last 5 episodes" of a Podcast it should download and keep the last 5 episodes. Period. It's not complicated.
  3. Slow, slow, slow... iTunes on my iPhone 4 is molasses enough. Doesn't matter if iCloud is on or not.
  4. Since Podcasts wasn't geting me me newest episodes of stuff I'd subscribed to, I'd go to iTunes and click "Get more Episodes...". It would then launch Podcasts and freeze up on a modal asking if I want to subscribe to the Podcast. Even though I was ALREADY subscribed.


Yes, I deleted in and re-installed. No change in crappiness.


Back to manually managing Podcasts in iTunes on my desktop. Ugh.

iPhone 4, iOS 5.1.1